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Scientific Approach to Stain Removal

05/14/2016 Back To Blog

It’s a fact that stains are among the worst problems you can have with your carpet and area rugs like Persian rugs, for instance. They not only make the floor look bad, but can actually cause damage to the fibers and dye. That is why it is important to deal with them as soon as possible. At the same time, you have to ensure that the method is both effective and safe.Scientific Approach to Stain Removal

Spills and Stains

There is a difference between the two and it is particularly important. A spill is when you spill something on the floor like wine, coffee or ketchup. It can be blotted to minimize the damage. You have a stain when the spill hasn’t been removed on time. Simply put, stains are permanent. Since the foreign compound has got inside the fibers, there is a need for special stain removal procedure.

Reliable Chemical Treatment

There are three factors which will determine the choice of stain and odor removal technique. The primary one is the nature of the stain. Often, it is pretty obvious, but it might be a real enigma. If you have carried pool chemicals around the house, you may have not noticed a spill, for example. Such stains are usually the hardest to get rid of because the product used for the purpose may react with some of the ingredients and cause damage.

The other two factors are the make and dye of the carpet. Generally, these are essential even for regular carpet cleaning. When you know the make of the carpet, it should be easy to select a safe product for it. The matter with the dye is a bit more challenging, however. The best way to approach it is to test the product on a tiny area in the corner of the room. Typically, the eco-friendly products are the least likely to cause trouble. 

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