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Get one step closer to soft carpets with vibrant colors and a pleasant smell by reading the tips shared below. Each one of them covers a specific topic in the field of carpet cleaning. There are no complex terms or explanations. Everything is straightforward. Use everything that you learn here with confidence.

Smart methods to keep carpets and sofas clean. Read the most original tips for rug cleaning

There are great homemade solutions for carpet cleaning. Do you know which ones are best for your carpet or how to deal with carpet water damage? Find out here.

Extreme caution while using homemade solutions

There are a number of carpet cleaning solutions out there that are guaranteed to remove tough stains off your carpet. Some of them are likely to use particularly strong items like ammonia, which is very toxic and can endanger everyone in the room when used. Carpet Cleaning Culver City professionals strongly suggest that you exercise caution when using such strong liquids as a homemade cleaning solution.

Starting a deep cleaning session

Deep cleaning your carpet will be a very long and strenuous process, so you should take necessary precautions before you begin. First, test for colorfastness by using a moistened towel and a cleaning solution; if there is no color, then it is safe to continue. Next, remove as much furniture as you can and apply foil or plastic on the remaining ones. Be sure to vacuum the carpet and pre-treat any stains before moving on.

How to deal with rug water damage

If water pipes broke or your rugs are soaked for any reason, carry them out in the open space as soon as possible. If they remain on the floor wet, mold is unavoidable according to our water damage experts in Culver City. Carpets must be dried immediately and if the water was dirty, carpet cleaning is vital.

Consider vinegar and alcohol for protecting grout from dirt

Vinegar prevents staining while alcohol inhibits the growth of mold. Depending on what type of protection you want to have, you need to apply the chosen compound to the grout right after it has been cleaned. Reapply vinegar or alcohol weekly for best results.

Suck it up

Carpets are beautiful accents to a room. They look good and they certainly feel good. Their look however has a downside, when dust, hair, crumbs and other relatively small particles are inadvertently dropped or sprinkled onto them, they're going to settle, get hidden and accumulate pretty well. To keep your allergies at bay or to just keep your house spic and span, you need to vacuum your carpet. Remember to use the vacuum heads and attachments that are specifically designed to help remove deep seated dirt.

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