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Are you confused about the right carpet cleaning procedures? Get the best answers here!

Carpet cleaning is not as easy as many people think – many different products and methods pose difficult questions. Our Frequently Asked Questions page will make a difference. No need to look around as we can provide you with all the information you need.

How often should I clean carpets at work?

Carpet cleaning is required to take place on a daily basis at working places because carpets get dirty easily. Due to the large number of people coming in and out, you will find many stains daily. Specialists of Carpet Cleaning Culver City suggest daily cleaning but stain removal as well. It is important for air purification. Fresh environments will create a joyful atmosphere for both employees working there and clients visiting.

Which rugs are the best for my company?

Working places ought to be spotless to make the best impressions to clients and keep employees healthy. Hence, you need to choose carpets that won't make your life difficult. Carpets are not usually recommended for reception halls since they are considered high foot traffic areas except if stain removal comes easy to you and you can replace them often. Choose oriental rugs for your private office. It will add a touch of finesse.

I’m leaving for a few days, should I roll up the carpet and store it?

If you are leaving your home for a few days, rolling the carpet away and storing it might be for the best. However, chances are that your carpet will simply accumulate dust if it isn’t put away, which is easily remedied by a quick vacuuming.

Should I use the air conditioner for faster carpet drying?

This can help, but only if the ventilation in the room is excellent as well. Remember that the important thing is not only to get moisture out of the carpet, but to ensure that it goes away as well. Another option which can produce even faster results is to use fans that blow air towards the carpet.

What detergents must I use for carpet cleaning?

The right selection of carpet cleaning detergents plays a huge role in your health. Many detergents on the market contain chemicals even if they are labeled as green. So, you must pay attention to the fine prints and the ingredients of each product before you buy it and you must always try it out on a corner of the carpet before using it.

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