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Methods Used To Clean Carpets

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

There are many benefits to professional carpet cleaning. Not only will your carpets look much better, but there are also some related health benefits. A thorough cleaning can help improve the quality of the air inside your home and really helps anyone in the house that may have some respiratory issues. While you may understand the benefits, you might not understand how the process works. Here are the most common methods of carpet cleaning.Methods Used To Clean Carpets

Dry Cleaning

Even though it is called “dry” cleaning, there is some liquid involved. In this method, foam is applied to the carpet and then is allowed to dry. The foam will seep into the deepest of the fibers. Once it has dried, a vacuum is then used to suck everything out of the carpets. Another dry method involves the use of a large absorbent pad which rotates around to absorb all the pollutants from your floors.

Hot Water Extraction

This is typically the most used method when it comes to professional carpet cleaning service. It is also referred to as steam cleaning. With this method, a cleaning solution is mixed with hot water which is then applied to a home’s carpeting. The solution will get deep into the fibers and help to kill all sorts of allergens and pollutants. Once this has been applied, a large and very powerful vacuum is used to extract everything from the floor coverings. The vacuums will suck up roughly 95 percent of the moisture. The carpets must then be allowed to dry completely.

Foam Encapsulation

Although less common, this method uses the least amount of water and, compared to other methods, has the shortest drying period. A detergent is used and is brushed into the carpet. When it dries, it crystallizes into a powder for easy removal. This method is very environmentally friendly.

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