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How to Save Your Rug from Stains

12/06/2013 Back To Blog

Rugs Can Be Saved From Stains:

Rugs are beautiful additions to the home. They liven up any room they are in and sometimes they can be as majestic as any work of art, fine rugs especially. Craftsmen put a lot of time and energy into creating a beautiful rug and you pay a lot of money to reap the benefit of the craftsmen’s workmanship. So why let stains ruin your rugs for you? They can be saved. Stain removal is always advancing, there is always a new way to neutralize a stain and save your work of art. Rug cleaning can be done at home by you for little or no cost. Like with carpet maintenance, rug upkeep and stain fighting is just about knowledge and dedication. So, do not despair if you find a stain on your favorite rug, take action and save the rug.How to Save Your Rug from Stains

It all Depends on the Type:

How you will treat your rug depends entirely on the type of rug, all professional stain removal companies will tell you that. Your first step before reacting is to identify the type of rug you have. We will cover the basic steps to fighting stains in a few of these rugs.

Silk rugs are gorgeous and very sensitive to liquids of all kinds. They are extremely delicate and must be handled with care. Stains set very easily into this type of rug so your best bet is to quickly get a towel or sponge and get as much of the liquid up as possible. Do not put any commercial cleaner on the rug, it may damage the rug even further. Your next step is to just let it dry. Unfortunately that is all you can do for this particular type. Just be careful around them, they are very delicate.

Wool rugs on the other hand are a very durable type of rug. They are still sensitive but not nearly as much as silk. The steps are basically the same but you always must remember, do not rub the stain on a rug. That is a no-no. Again, use a towel to dry the stain and place something heavy on to absorb. Then use a very slightly damp towel and pat the area very carefully. Pat, do not rub. Just following these simple tips could save your favorite rug.

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